The purchase of one or several milligram(s) is subject to our general terms and conditions of sale set forth herein and will only be registered from the time that the bank transfer is done and credited to AWI NPO's bank account . In addition, the purchaser should fill in and send the registration form.

General terms and conditions for the purchase of one or several milligram(s)

Every sale of milligram(s) is subject to the following general terms and conditions, unless otherwise stated in writing in the rules.

Article 1
The purchaser is understood to be any natural person or legal entity that has recourse to the services of AWI NPO in order to purchase milligrams.

Article 2
The liability of the supplier/organiser AWI NPO vis-à-vis the purchaser is limited exclusively to its role as a seller of milligrams.

Article 3
Unless specified conditions stipulated by law, by AWI NPO or by these general terms and conditions of sale, purchased milligrams cannot be refunded, exchanged or delivered.

Article 4
Purchased milligrams cannot be delivered by AWI NPO. However, in order to avoid any legal problem due to joint ownership, any purchaser who so wishes can pick up his or her milligram(s) after setting up an appointment with AWI NPO. The purchaser will provide himself or herself with a certified copy of a bank statement showing proof of purchase of one or several milligram(s), as well as with a valid identity document especially mentioning his or her legal address. A copy of his registration on the AWI NPO Internet website will also be requested.

Article 5
As required by the law, the purchaser has a cooling-off period of seven working days after purchase of one or several milligram(s) during which he or she can change his or her mind. The purchaser may exercise that right on written request only. After the seven-day deadline has passed, purchase is considered decisive and definitive.

Article 6
The natural person or legal entity in whose name the purchase is made is considered solely responsible for this purchase and for its payment.

Article 7
Considering legal provisions in matters of industrial, literary and artistic property, all models, graphic images and computer software developed by AWI NPO remain its exclusive property and cannot be forged or reprinted on any medium whatsoever without prior written agreement of AWI NPO.

Article 8
If the purchaser consents to receive commercial information and/or promotional offers by clicking on the "I agree" icon when registering, the information collected by AWI NPO at the time of booking may be used for promotional purposes. No personal data is passed to third parties.

Article 9
Any dispute is solely under the jurisdiction of the courts in the district of Verviers (Belgium).

Article 10
The purchaser acknowledges that he or she had read and understood these general terms and conditions of sale. By paying his or her milligram(s) the purchaser unconditionally agrees with the general terms and conditions of sale as stated above.

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